Puerto Morelos



In the Water: 

The crystalline waters of  Puerto Morelos and surrounding areas are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.  To avoid any inconveniences, please follow these guidelines.

1. Remember to always swim with a buddy and never alone.

2. Although Caribbean waters are usually tranquil, watch for unpredictable currents and undertows.

3. Never swim when tired or overheated, or right after eating.

4. Don't over estimate your swimming abilities; remember it is difficult to judge distances in the water.

5. Children should always be under adult supervision, especially if playing with inflatable toys or swimming in the water.

6. Make sure your snorkeling gear is the correct size.  To test the mask, press it onto your face without strapping it on.  Breathe in; if it doesn't fall off, it fits.  The snorkel must feel comfortable inside your mouth.

7. To clean your mask and avoid fogging up, spit into it and rub the saliva on the plastic eyepiece and rinse with ocean water.

8. When putting on the mask, move hair away from your face, adjust the straps to your head, and make sure the snorkel tube is in place.

9. While snorkeling, breathe only through your mouth; to avoid swallowing water, do not lift your head with the snorkel in your mouth.  Blow air out of the tube whenever you are diving under water.


Environmental Care  

1. Never, ever throw trash onto the beach.  Respect other peoples' right to feel the powdery Caribbean seashore between their naked toes without the fear of being cut by unseen glass or aluminum.

2. Never, ever throw garbage into the sea.  Marine creatures like turtles and fish mistake colorful trash for food-an often-lethal error.  Trash not consumed, like plastic six-pack-holders, has strangled to death more than one sea turtle or gull.

3. Divers:  Always regulate your buoyancy to avoid drifting into delicate reefs.  Controlling your buoyancy is a skill, and many first-timers drift down or up, and may damage fragile coral.  If you have not been diving in over a year, take a practice beach dive with a local guide near shore-before heading out to the reefs.

4. When swimming, snorkeling or diving, secure all cameras and other gear in order to avoid dropping them or banging them against the coral.

5. Never take anything from the sea.  Even seemingly lifeless organisms are recycled by other water-dwelling creatures.

6. Do not feed marine creatures.  From algae on up to dolphins and tuna, ecosystems are delicately balanced environments that are easily disturbed.  While some fish may like eating Wonder bread, for example, it can still make them sick.

7. Avoid using sun block or tanning lotion when diving or snorkeling nears the reefs; it is composed of environmentally toxic oils and assorted chemicals.  


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